Build your React Native app
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Save time and money without moving from your CI service.
Nitro integrates natively in Bitrise, Github Actions and others.

What is Nitro

Nitro is the fastest React Native build tool that integrates seamlessly in your CI pipeline.
Replaces fastlane gym, gradle assemble and xcodebuild.


Taking advantage of React Native's architecture Nitro applies a set of optimizations that cut build time up to 90%.


It provides custom integrations for most commonly used CI platforms. It can also be used as a standalone CLI when you're running on your own infrastructure.


There's no need to modify your app's code nor add new dependencies. Your app keeps working the same way.

Our Mission

We believe short development cycles increase team's productivity which in turn improves product overall quality. In web development there are already many platforms and tools that make that possible.

Mobile development is still far behind and we want to help the ecosystem go towards a better Team Experience™ everyday.

We will focus on making React Native builds blazing fast because lot of critical tasks depend on that: you can't test, review or measure an app that doesn't exist.







CI Integrations

Nitro is a drop-in replacement for typical build tools like Gradle, Xcode and Fastlane.
It can be easily integrated into most popular CI services.


Who trusts us

From fintech to media, companies from diverse industries are already using Nitro.

About Us

We have been building mobile apps with React Native since 2015. In 2016 we founded Underscope, a development agency focused on this technology. Having worked with several companies from different industries we realized that we always faced the same problem: as the app grew in complexity builds became increasingly slower.

After many years with this headache, in 2020 we crafted a way to make builds much faster, relieving this pain hugely. Seeing great results on many projects we decided it deserved to be a product, and that's how Nitro was born.

Gonzalo Aguirre

Co-Founder - CEO

Juan Pablo García

Co-Founder - CTO

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